Ska-Ni-Kwat Exhibit at Iroquois Indian Museum

A gallery of pictures of the installation of the exhibit


The Ska-Ni-Kwat outfits.

The Ska-Ni-Kwat outfits

Historic Regalia Pieces.

Historic regalia pieces

Early 19th century Seneca beadwork.

Early 19th century Seneca beadwork

Mohawk beadwork featuring flags.

Mohawk beadwork featuring flags

Mohawk boot pincushions above. Niagara area boots below.

Mohawk boot pincushions above Niagara area boots below

Red, white and blue Iroquois beadwork.

Red, white and blue Iroquois beadwork

Arrangement of Iroquois souvenir beadwork.

Arrangement of Iroquois souvenir beadwork

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