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Two recently published books are being praised for what they may teach about native life.

My Life With The Indians

The first, My Life With The Indians, is the story of Mary Jemison, the girl who was captured and adopted by Indians in the 18th century and lived in what is now Letchworth Park in western New York. This is a well-known story told by a gifted storyteller. The book was written by the well-known storyteller and author, Robin Moore and illustrated by Victor Ambrus. It was published by Franklin Watts.

Places of Power

Places of Power, written by Michael DeMunn and illustrated by Noah Buchanan, won the American Bookseller Pick of the Lists award. This book beautifully describes the earth’s places of power which are also places of beauty and wisdom. Mike shows how one can truly appreciate nature. It was published by DAWN Publications.

Contributed by Dolores Elliott

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